We should proud of Sunanda Sharma. She represents Punjab at an International Platform

sunanda sharma dolce gabbana
sunanda sharma dolce gabbana

Often we see Bollywood celebrities supporting and promoting some brands. They are also seen in the opening and launch of big brands. But when it comes to celebrities of Punjabi industry, it is very unusual.

Recently we shared the news that a top brand opened its showroom in Delhi, and there was no one other than that big brand Louis Vuitton. It is considered one of the most favorite brands of women.

In his launch ceremony, Bollywood celebrities Janvi Kapoor, his sister Hitesh Kapoor and Baji-2 actress Disha Patani were seen. Well, seeing such big things in Bollywood is not a big deal, because it is just another day for them. But when a Punjabi artist reaches such an event, it is definitely a great thing for all of us. Apart from these big stars, our Morni Sunanda Sharma was also seen. And he added another feather in his hat. You have to think about what we are talking about. We are talking about Sunanda Sharma, who is going to represent Punjab in the International Show for international brand Dolce Gabbana in Milan. She shared her beautiful stories in her Instagram handle; see these stories and pictures here:

This is an honor for us and one of the Punjabi industry artists is representing itself and Punjab on an international level.

The singer also shared a glimpse of himself in his Instagram story. He was seen wearing a cheetah printed costume with high heels. As it is always as beautiful, even in the event, it was an eye turner for everyone. He showed some painting and the world that his talent is not limited to singing and acting, but outside the entertainment world, he is also a skilled person.

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