KARAN AUJLA Reply on His Fake Attack News

Karan Aujla Fake attack
Karan Aujla Fake attack

Social media was left in an exceedingly fury once bound news stories started doing the rounds claiming that Karan Aujla was attacked by some goons in Canada. To put all rumors to rest, the popular Punjabi singer has currently shared a video message on Instagram to inform his followers that he’s “absolutely fine”.

I don’t have enmity with anyone… Nothing went onbecause of God’s blessing and also the prayers with MEi am completely fine. No problem.”

Karan also revealed in the same video that he is going to release a new song next month. “Everyone, please support. I will release the launch date soon. It will be released after 15 or 16 of July. Thank you so much. Please shower your love on me like this,” said the singer.

However, sometime after this post, a Facebook page named Sukhpreet Budda said the attack was not carried out by the gang. That post even went on to call such attacks “cheap”.
Punjab Police organized crime control unit (OCCU) IG Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, when contacted, confirmed that the NRI had gotten a ransom call while visiting Punjab. “We put the gang on surveillance and provided security to the NRI, and had given the same instructions when they were returning to Canada.
We have got to know about the Budda group taking responsibility for the attack on them in Canada.
We are in the loop of developments. Now, we are verifying the contents of the post on Facebook as it is learned to be operated from out of India. Canadian police are also investigating the matter and we are ready to provide any information they need,” the IG said.
He said their team had gotten in touch with the NRIs and they were safe and sound. “Sukhpreet Budda is one of the few gangsters left in Punjab and he is on the radar of Punjab Police,” said the IG.
The IG said it seemed the posts on Sunday might have been made from fan pages. “We are verifying both the posts and the location from where they have been made,” he said. “They don’t seem from anywhere in India.”

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